Brush Pickup
Bloomingdale Township Highway Department offers brush pickup as a service to residents in the unincorporated areas. The Township Brush Removal Program is for the homeowner's convenience. We have a brush chipper designed to mulch those limbs and branches that do not qualify as yard waste. Our equipment is not designed to grind small twigs and evergreen trimmings. Your garbage service will take yard waste and roots for a nominal cost. If it fits into a bag, it is yard waste and will not be accepted by the township.

This brush pickup program is for the sole use of the residents of Bloomingdale Township and shall not be used by contractor and/or residents clearing lots for homes, private roads, or entrances for more open space. Cutting down a tree is not considered to be trimming or pruning and the township will not remove the debris. 

This year, we will be having four (4) brush pick-ups per year:

The following information shall assist residents regarding brush pickup procedures: